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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Magazine Subscription Freebies

I've hunted down a few of the best magazine subscriptions at the moment, not only because they're good magazines but also because the free gifts are usually worth far more than the actual subscription.

Free Bare Minerals - This summer bronzing set includes a bronzer that makes a great summer blusher, a gloss and a brush worth over £30 you get 12 issues of Elle for £20 so if you're already an Elle reader this is a real bargain bearing in mind they get atleast two more make up freebies with the magazine a year and the magazine retails for about £4 an issue.

Here's the link :)

The next two are available through topcashback as well so if you use topcashback you can get an extra 15% back in cashback if you're not a topcashback member it's free and you earn money for using their links to websites you use anyway.
Feel free to use my referral link

Free Elemis gift set worth £32 - Red Magazine. The Elemis gift set consists of Elemis Revitalise-me Hand Wash and Hand Lotion set both 100ml pump dispensers worth £32 the subscription to RED is £9.99 for 6 issues, so you're still £22 up on the free gift not to mention the free magazine If you go through topcashback you will also get between £1.50 and £2.00 cashback!

Make Believe fake tan set - Cosmopolitan- Perfect for summer this set is worth over £30 and consists of
Make Believe Gradual Tan and Bronzer
A light moisturising lotion that intensely moisturises and conditions the skin. This is mainly due to the unique blend of Rainforest Oils plus coconut oil, hempseed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter condition and moisturise the skin. Anti-Oxidants and fruit extracts also help protect the skin against the signs of ageing. Worth £34.50. The magazine subscription is only £9 for 6 issues and again you can get up to £2 cashback so for as little as £7 you could get six issues of cosmo and a £30+ tanning set!

Hope this helps!


Okay to compensate for my severe lack of online presence this year - I'll start making it up to you right away with a host of freebies <3

Kérastase Cristalliste shampoo sample - just click the link below and fill in your details, if it doesn't work you may need to like their facebook page.
Samples take 28 days :)

Lacoste fragrance sample - A choice of three lacoste fragrances nice and easy just fill in the form and they get it sent out to your really quickly!

Yves Saint Laurent - Forever Light Creator Sample - You'll have to like their facebook page for this one and then you can either have the voucher printed out or sent to your phone little bit longer, but it's a much better sample! If this doesn't take you straight to the register page you will have to click the voucher tab at the bottom of the page, you'll have to do this one this week as it's only valid till the 10th!

Free Batiste dry shampoo worth up to £4.99
There is more information on this but basically if you buy any size but you're best off buying the big can of any variety of batiste dry shampoo up to £4.99 keep the receipt and then take the lid off your batiste and the receipt get it all ready in the envelope before you post it to batiste have them enclose the proof of postage price you will then receive a refund for up to £2.60 postage and the price of the Batiste it's a little bit long winded but for a product most of us buy anyway up to £5 free it seems worth it.
You will have to like their facebook page for more information!

Let me know how you get on!

E <3


Okay so firstly I have to say a huge sorry as I haven't blogged for a whole year, but it's been pretty crazy...
Now things have settled down I intend to blog again, so hopefully you'll find it useful; if not it remains theraputic for me ;']

So again I'm realllllllllllllllly sorry, but expect more posts soon!

Watch this space <3

E <3