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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Baby bottom butter

Okay, so this may look a bit odd -
but a few years back I was advised to try this as I get really dry elbows!
After reading rave reviews I decided to give it a go - it smelt lovely and it only costs £2.89 so it was worth a try!
I have to say its absolutely amazing - it's suitable for vegetarians and sensitive skin, it smells beautiful it's really light and it's made my skin amazing - I figure after keeping this one to myself for a while I should share the clear skin miracle cure.
Only £2.89 too bargain <3 for beauty fiends and mamas and babies alike!

Would you try this?


Free Aveda Damage repair kit

I just picked mine up today -
I printed out the webpage just in case but it turned out I didn't need it anyway
just click here or
you find your nearest store and I just handed them over a generous sample pack too!

here is the image I printed just in case!

Let me know how you get on!


Dior Addict Free Sample-

Another Freebie for my lovelies,
I love the Dior Addict fragrances especially Dior Addict 2 - it's a frequent duty free splurge - but here's a little offer for a a travel size sample for free!

Just click here or head over to
pop your details in and await your sample.

E <3
Guilty as charged - I have been absolutely jubilee and union jack obsessed lately, loving union jacks anyway this year has been buying heaven, although they amount of things I'm just collecting I'm driving my family mad!
But this little gem was on offer for 99p its made in the UK, has a divine strawberry scent to it is suitable for Vegans, has natural fragrances, and comes in a shiny union jack bottle - Yes please!
I picked mine up in superdrug for 99p they had other scents on offer too, but seriously how could you resist the union jack bottle?

Have you picked one up yet?

E <3

Superdrugs Animal Friendly bargains

So a while back I expressed my shock that after spending years buying free range eggs and responsibly sourced fish and meat, it turns out all my shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel - for the most part has been coming from companies that either test on animals, or use products that have been tested on animals.

My initial search led me to think there weren't many alternatives that would help this - other than the obvious that is The Body Shop -
but for me the Body shop shampoo and conditioner is quite expensive and I don't think it really gives my hair that many benefits, it's purely the nostalgia of the scents...
But then I struck gold.
Turns out the Superdrug own range is all fruity and lovely in sleek simple packaging - usually on offer at two for £1.50 for 300ml bottles or 99p each and it's all vegan friendly - I'd just got addicted to the cherry and fig range, when they discontinued it. :(!

But to my delight they've replaced it with new fruity scents - my favourites are raspberry and macadamia, and coconut and sweet almond <3
Raspberry and Macadamia Nut for colour treated hair smooths and adds intense shine -
This is a new find, its an intensive conditioner to restore dry and damaged hair - I've been using this twice a week since my ombré experience it's definitely helped to revive my hair.

So there you have it - I've found the fruity flavours leave a gorgeous scent that I love as much as I loved Aussie - the great price means I can save a bit of money and support my local superdrug which always makes me feel good - I often feel like with all the cosmetic offers online and everywhere else I feel like I neglect it a bit and it's great to have a great value great product that hasn't harmed any animals and is suitable for vegans.
I may not be vegan but from the massive search to find good quality animal friendly products (this is no easy feat!) 
It must be a nightmare to not spend a fortune as a veggie or vegan

So what are your thoughts?
Have you tried this range, or do you have another favourite animal friendly brand?

E <3

A journey to Ombré

So a while back I started eyeing up the Ombré trend -

Pennies not being once they once were the thought of spending about £100 having this done in a salon wasn't the option.

A complete home dye rookie, I decided to give it a go.

First I picked up a home highlighting kit from Jerome Russell -
After a strand test and working out how long I wanted to leave the mixture on for I applied it to my whole head.

Once I'd completed this step and rinsed it off - I too was having second thoughts but you have to continue on the process.

I then picked a really light brown dye, as I didn't want to go from dark roots, to complete blonde and thought a lightest brown would be better.
 I used John Frieda light golden brown - as it was on offer for £5 -

Again I applied this all over - followed all the instructions and then dried my hair.

The final step was to apply a dark chocolate brown to the top of my head - I decided I wanted to have my Ombré going lighter from about my ears.

I chose a Live XXL dye in chesnut - this too was on offer for £4

I used a tin of vaseline to edge my face and on my ears as well as on the lengths of my hair I wanted to protect from the dye, just in case of dripping - as vaseline stops the dye from sticking.
I then carefully applied this to the top of my head and along the length to my ears.

This was the most difficult part but I found the vaseline helped and I also used a comb to comb it through the top sections off my hair.

When I had completed all these steps - I rinsed the dye off - for a final Ombré look -

Before -


Have you tried ombré yet, what do you think of the trend?


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Benefit Beauty Bargain and Freebies!

Okay - So I really do lovelovelove asos and their amazing beauty bargains and this one is just unresisitable.

So - you pay for your full price Hoola, as normal so if you love Hoola, this is the set for you -
and then you get a free travel size cha cha tint and watts up.

Hoola, is a favourite Benefit product of mine working as a great blusher, for a darker summer look and also for it's suggested purpose as  bronzer, I also like to use this for contouring and the quality and presentation is lovely.

I love Watts up
The watts up sample is a really generous size, and is an absolute bargain as a freebie.
As an actual product it's great and really versatile - one of my favourite Benefit products, perfect as a cream highlighter, a cream blush base a regular highlighter and a cream eyeshadow. It's great and lasts ages.

Cha Cha tint -
I have yet to try cha cha tint - but thanks to this great offer mine is on my way - I love all the other tints, as I think they work well as a finishing product when you're looking for a dewy finish.

so all this for £23.50
 plus my 10% student discount and free delivery -

Click here to buy it!
Have you ordered yours yet? -

Whats you're favourite Benefit product?

Kisses -
E <3

Free estee lauder 10 day foundation sample

Now most Estee Lauder counters are lovely, although I have encountered a few where they are more difficult at getting samples is like drawing blood from a stone, - never fear I have found the solution.

I've just started screen shotting the free sample offer from facebook and printing it like a voucher and taking it to more awkward counters -

feel free to use mine if required but most stores will just let you have your 10 day sample for free.

Kisses -
E <3 xoxo

Free Skin repair essence

Easy peasy lemon squeazy -
click the link below fill out the form and send, for a free sample of L'essence d'eau skin repair essence!

Squeal <3


E <3

What's in my Handbag?

So I've just been referred to this site by a lovely lady - and it seems pretty special-

Each week they give you the opportunity to get involved and try new beauty products and rate them -

they have a really great blog, and loads of good content to the website to help keep you informed with all the latest products and trends.

It's a real gem! -
And best of all - it's free!

sign up now by clicking the link below!

Kisses -
E <3

Free Thierry Mugler Sample

Okay - so you all now how much I love Thierry Mugler perfumes;

I'm a collector -

Womanity is up there with Alien - I love it the bottle is gorgeous and I think it's a perfect every day luxury fragrance, and the actual perfume is pink! So I'm sold.
But who am I to tell you how lovely it is when I've found a lovely free sample for you here -

Head over to their page - like them if you don't already and claim your free womanity sample!

Happy Sunday!

Kisses -
E <3

A Nars Beauty Bargain

So trawling the internet for sales again - I came across the absolutely gorgeous Nars Bargain -

I used my 10% student discount and it came to £35 - student discount is so widely available now I think it would be quite easy to find someone to share theirs with you if you didn't have one - and here's what you get.

It's for sale on the asos website at the moment for £39 - but comes down to £35.10 with discount.

It's a great way to get your hands on a good base selection of Nars products being a Nars rookie I thought it was perfect for me.

This Nars Beginners set from Asos included  
Mini Blush Duo in Amour/Desire
Illuminator in Orgasm
Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight
Lip Gloss in Greek Holiday

So there you go - I hope you find this useful! -

What Nars products do you love, and where do you buy yours?

Kisses -
E <3

flirty florals

flirty florals

Frock Frill batwing shirt
£35 -

Going out shirt
£16 -

Glamorous blazer
£35 -

AllSaints short mini skirt
$275 -

Red Herring black canvas shoes
£16 -

Forever 21 floral platform heels
$28 -

Pieces crossbody handbag
$58 -

Pieces Nala Floral Purse
£18 -

I'm loving floral and prints of all other kinds this season and these are a few of my favourites! 

Back for the Summer

Hello, Lovely beautettes,

Firstly an apology - I've had no proper internet connection so I haven't been able to get on here - but I'm sorted now and back on here all in time for summer.

So as a way of apology - I've got lots of treasures in store for you -

A huge giveaway competition
A vegan friendly under £1 shampoo review
A May Luxbox review
A glossybox Birthday box review
Some Summer fashion tips
And a concealer face off!

So watch this space my lovelies

E <3  -