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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Magazine Freebies Timeline

Okay -
So it has come to my attention that there is an unequivocally high amount of good size cosmetic freebies to be had with the big magazines in the next month.
You know I can't resist a bargain - so in release order - here goes.

Marie Claire
Release Date - 2nd May
Free Gift - Body Shop Lip tint
Value - £9
Magazine RRP - £3.70

Marie Claire have got some good freebies over the next few months and if you like your body shop cosmetics it's definitely worth buying!

In Style 
Release date - 3rd May 2012
Free Gift - 10 ml Nails Inc Polish - Choice of three shades
Powder Pink
Peach Sorbet
Value -  £11 per polish
Magazine RRP - £3.80

 In Style ran a similar offer last year - and I would say girls, all these colours are lovely so start saving because when they get to the shelves they won't be around for long

Easy Living
Release Date - 3rd May 2012
Free Gift - Choice of travel size Rituals products
Shower Scrub
Body Cream
Value -  £5 each 
Magazine RRP - £3.60

Your still getting your monies worth with these freebies, as they're more expensive than the magazine and then you get a glossy to read too, but they're by no means the best deal this month! Unless you're a massive rituals fan - in which case stock up!

Okay now we can have a little breather take our stacks of magazines a cup of tea and our new nail polishes and chill for a bit. -

 Release Date - 30th May
Free Gift - Choice of Jemma Kidd Make up products
Jemma Kidd Make Up School black mascara
Jemma Kidd black eyeliner
Value - £15 and £14 
Magazine RRP - £3.80 

Another fantastic offer from Red, I feel really spoilt with all their freebies later, sometimes their freebies can be specific promotions set within certain stores and I am unsure with this one so I would suggest trying W H Smiths and Sainsburys first for these special issues.

Release Date - 31st May
Free Gift - Choice of three Benefit travel size products
7.5 ml That Gal'
7.5ml The Porefessional 
7.5ml Badgal lash masacara
Value - £15, £10 and £10
Magazine RRP - £2 

At the absolute steal of only £2 per issue this is the one I am looking forward to the most, to put it into perspective a full size That Gal primer is a tiny 11ml so a 7.5ml sample, I'll take two please.
The Porefessional - Three of those samples with the magazine would give you more than a full size product for a tiny £6?
And as for Badgal lash well I love that too so I'll take one of those aswell.
Will look a bit like a crazy lady with all my benefit magazine freebies, but it's the third year running they've done these crazy promotions so I'm sure they're getting used to me by now.

Marie Claire
Release Date - 31st May
Free Gift - Choice of three Ciate Polishes
Jelly Bean
Purple Sherbert
Value - £9 each
Magazine RRP - £3.70

I'm not a massive Ciate fan, but these colours are lovely pastel ones and I might just get them to add to my collection, after all the bottles are cute...
Harpers Bazaar
Release Date - 4th June
Free Gift - Choice of three Leighton Denny Polishes
A bright pink
A coral
And a mushroom shade
Value - £11 each
Magazine RRP - £4.20

So this is the most expensive of all the magazines - but if you're a huge Leighton Denny fan it's worth it as the colours are gorgeous - I think I'll just be picking up the Coral coloured one though!

Anyway if I hear of anymore amazing magazine buys I'll be sure to leave them below-
feel free to leave your comments as always

E <3

Topcashback a quick way to track your cashback

So alot of the offers I use - include using topcashback

Whilst you should always get an email when your cashback is tracking (which means it's going to process)
This is a quick way just to check everything is working - it can take a little while for things to show up but it is usually quite fast so just keep coming back!

First head over to top cashback
and log in, if you're not signed up - you must be crazy - free money?!?!

So you're logged in -

Next click My account -

Next Click on Earnings - 

When you click earnings this is what will come up -
as you can see my account is very much in use!
Once something has moved into pending you know it's being tracked -

You can now select cashback by date -
this will help to keep your cashback clear -

You can keep checking here to see if your cashback has been tracked - you will receive an email telling you it's been tracked however it can show up here sooner.

Hope this helps -


One Month Anniversary Giveaway

Okay -
So I've been blogging for almost a whole month?
A whole month, what did I do with all my free time before?

So it will be a month exactly on the Sixth, and I really want to do a blog giveaway to celebrate this,
currently I have thirty lovely beautettes following me - so if you share and care this page - for every follower you help me get between now and the sixth I'll add a pound to the giveaway fund!!!

So think what a good giveaway this could be - lets get sharinggggg <3

thanks guys!

E <3

Friday, 27 April 2012

Ecobox from Glossybox review

So it feels like it's been the longest month - since there was a beauty box out, and the hype around this months Glossybox has been building, after being somewhat disappointed in my Harrods box I was having reservations about my subscriptions but found some amazing offers on the box and decided it was worth another try - see the offers here.

So when my boxes came today I was so so excited to open them - (I subscribed to two) one was significantly heavier than the other, and this is what the heavier box contained.

When I got it it did look this pretty -
the packaging is all recyclable and bio degradable it's gorgeous will be making glossybox drawers so stay tuned for a tutorial.

Unfortunately in my excitement by the time I took a photo it looked like this

But it did look like the above picture first! - Honest :)

So what did I get?

Again it was presented a lot better than this - but to tell the truth I'm not sure how they crammed all these full size goodies in and kept it so pretty!

I got -
Caudalie thirst quenching serum - 10 ml sample - it's in really generous packaging though to make for easy application.
At first I thought it was a little runny but I spoke to Glossybox and that's just because of transit. I gave it a shake and let it return to room temperature and it's actually really nice and silky.

I really like this, and it's great that it's an eco friendly product - I've heard a lot of raving about Caudalie but at £29 full size there's no way I'd have handed over that much money without trying it first. - We'll see how I get on with this!

Next I got a Figs and Rouge Cherry and Vanilla Lipbalm - I've never tried this brand before - but I like organic eco friendly products and the packaging is gorgeous.

Initially it was really soft and a little bit gritty it says it's a balm for lips body and face, but after applying a bit to my hand it seems a little greasy on my skin.
When I used it on my lips though, it took a little while to settle but it left them really lovely and soft, and wasn't heavily synthetic with the cherry smell!
This retails for less than £4 anyway so it's definitely one to keep in your handbag - a fullsize product though I'm happy.

Third in my box was this gorgeous lipliner -
 I only have one other eyeliner from Inika so was really excited to see their products in my box this month - this shade is safari and it's a gorgeous daytime lipliner. Unlike some natural lip liners it doesn't have a dry consistency it's nice and creamy and I think it will smudge well.

 I did a swatch and started smudging it so you  could see, also this was a few hours ago, and I have since done cleaning ect and it's still on my hand - tough as nails!
Very happy about this - I got my box for £5 with cashback and this is worth £11.75! Another Full size product - oh Glossybox you're spoiling meeee.

Number 4 - Ohmigosh number four - Ayuuri body wash in rose and jasmine
I cannot stop smelling this - it's gorgeous - a lovely fresh and creamy romantic smelling weekend shower gel.
I love it - it's nice and creamy so should moistorise well. The smell is just divine, and at 30ml shy of full size I'm very happy.
Have a feeling as this is less than £5 full size I will be investing once I run out - how I wish you had smellivision on your screen right now - it is utterly divine.

And finally as we know all things Glossy come in 5's! I got Yes Nurse hand cream

 Packaging was so so cute, very Indie but I love this styling for ecofriendly goodies, it was a really nice touch! Another full size product which I'd been looking up anyway so was over the moon with this.

It didn't really have all that much of a scent which is sometimes better, I think I put a bit on straight away and I thought it was going to be quite greasy at first but it soaked into my skin straight away, and they have been so so smooth all day - I really love this, and I will be popping it in my handbag as it's a perfect 50ml size.

Also this has Oscars seal of approval for lovely soft hands, and who can argue with that face!

So there you go 3 full size products one that's worth more than I paid for the whole box, cannot complain - the box is gorgeous will be posting a tutorial on glossybox drawers and I think I'm going to use everything in it.

What more could a girl want.
So there you have it if you want to get your hand on this box for less than £2 click here.

Kisses -
E <3

Glossybox Eco Special for less than £2!

So I know we've only just done a glossybox offer post, but this - this is too good to miss.

The Eco glossybox - which I just received today and will post about later, 3 full size products eeek!
Is now available using a combination of topcashback and discount codes, for less than £2 - Insane right - especially when everybox contains a £12 product?

So here goes - A step by step guide to the cheapest glossybox yet.

Step one -
Sign up to topcashback
or just log in if you're already addicted like me.

Step two - type glossybox into the search bar

Step three click on the glossybox page link that says get cashback

You will now be taken to glossybox.

Step four - click discover glossybox.

Step five - you can now select a single box starting with this month.

Step six - add this discount code at checkout - AFFWSPRING40FF

Step six- sign up to glossybox and pay £8.95

Within a few hours your £7.07 cashback should be trackable and on average it takes about three weeks for this to be payable - this brings the box cost down to £1.88 :)

Hope this helps!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ojon Shampoo review

Okay so being a lover of all things hair oil, I was completely devastated to not receive the Ojon Sample in my Harrods edition Glossybox.
However currently having Macadamia and Moroccan Oil products squirreled away in my bedroom, I couldn't justify buying it, so I sulked.

Until up popped the offer, where on orders over twenty pound the kind people at Ojon would give you a free 250ml conditioner and a 250ml shampoo, worth £37.50.

I'd had the Moroccan Oil shampoo once as a treat and I loved that but other than that I'm just an Aussie girl really.
It does it all for me, shiny feathery hair that smells amazing and candy like, it's always on offer in the Supermarket which is usually where I remember I need Shampoo (otherwise I'm in the shower cursing.) and just as a brand it has all those nice connotations of gorgeous floaty surfer girl chic hair. Which is what we all want really, that whole I've just woke up and my hair looks like THIS, thing.

But this was free! So I plumped for the Restorative Oil my heart had been yearning for, snaffled free delivery and got £38 worth of very expensive shampoo free.

It came pretty quickly - but while I was waiting, that lovely Macadamia duo came up on buyapowa, and well it looked like it deserved a place on the bathroom ledge in Casa de Johno (the house that never leaves a beauty product out in the cold), so I'll be doing a review on that soon too - heads up it smells beautiful!

So after using the Ojon for a solid week;
Here's the verdict.

Ojon voluminous shampoo and conditioner
1. - The scent - The Ojon range all has a very distinct smell I neither like, nor dislike it, which I guess has to mean I don't really like it, but not in an it's offensive way, but the way the scent of Aussie and Moroccan Oil makes me almost hungry it's that delicious - you're not going to find that here.
The smell = fine

2. The result - at first I couldn't really tell the difference at all, my mamabear who swears by Herbal essence volume fruit fusions used it for about a week two and for both of us I genuinely haven't seen a difference at all.
My hair is still nice and shiny, and voluminous, but it was with standard shampoos that don't cost £18, but it has maintained this so in that sense it's done what it says.
The Promise = Delivers but no exceptional difference from standard brands to this

3. The Lather - I've found with the Ojon it doesn't seem to Lather the same way cheaper shampoo's do - this is apparently a feature of cheaper shampoos, whilst it doesn't lather it does still leave hair lovely and clean, maybe I'm just cheap, but I get a lot more satisfaction from washing my hair when it all foams up beautifully!
The Lather = Typical of an expensive shampoo.

4. Presentation - The bottles were nice big skinny tall bottles and the shampoo has been easy enough to use, but I'm at the top of the bottles soon, I can imagine that as they're not pumps or squeezy upside down bottles and the plastic is quite hard you're going to really struggle as you get to the final third of the bottle.
Presentation = Nice enough perhaps not the most well thought out if you're going to get every drop of your £18's worth out of the bottle.

5. Overall Impressiveness - So I asked around a bit too, and both the mamabear and I have both used this now, and I guess the verdict would have to be that - as a free gift, it's lovely the chance to try something I wouldn't normally splash out on , but even as a free gift I'm pretty much underwhelmed by this, so if I'd spent £36 on this I would be 100% dissatisfied, it's nice enough and does the job but so do lots of your standard drugstore brands like Herbal Essences.
Marks Out of Ten = 5/10

So there you go, that's my review on the Ojon shampoo and conditioner, have you tried it ?
Leave your thoughts below!

E <3

Monday, 23 April 2012

Nails Inc Leicester Sqaure Review

A trip to the sorting office and I'm surrounded by all new goodies Eeeep!

So following my amazing goodie bags from ravens cosmetics see the reviews from those here.
I was very excited to get two mystery products to review this month -
The first of those was a Nails inc polish in Leicester Sqaure, oh my god it's so pretty!

As I'm collecting Nails Inc polishes, I was very excited about this - my first metallic Nails Inc' what an amazing colour right.

Like all my Nails Inc polishes - it goes on a treat two coats gives a perfect finish and with a top coat it's just immaculate.

It was hard to get the adequate lighting for this but here's a photo anyway!
It really is gorgeous I cannot stop looking at it and the metallic sheen underneath just means that when it's light the colour is constantly changing.

It's the perfect addition to any nail polish collection - especially if you're a Nails Inc lover like me.

I'm going to be hooked on these metallic tones I just know it.

Currently these little beauts are on sale over at Raven Cosmetics for £.7.95 each and if you like them on facebook you get a free nails inc mini too!

Amazingly Raven Cosmetics are still offering 15% off all orders at the moment, and are having a huge nails inc sale!
It's definitely worth a look! <3
If you order one of these I'd definitely recommend a lucky dip as well I still haven't got over how good the value for money was with that, and the lipsticks I got are my new favourites.

So have you had a Raven Cosmetics order yet, or are you just a huge Nails Inc fan, share your thoughts below!

E <3

Gloves in a bottle free sample

Just because I love you all -
Here is an easy peasy link to a free sample for gloves in a bottle.

 Just click the link below fill in your details and enjoy lovely super soft hands.

Happy Monday!

E <3

Glossybox Offers!

Right So I mean't to put this up last night, but while I've been snoozing glossybox have added even more offers - making this too good a bargain not to snap up.

 Whats the offer you sayyy? -
12 Months of Glossyboxes to your door for the steal of £50.

So here's how to do it
- Step One set up an account with Topcashback - - Or if you already have on log in.
- Step two type Glossybox into the Topcashback search bar
Step Three - Clcik through to Glossybox's page and click get cashback.
Step Four - Register with Glossybox and select a years subscription
Step Five - Type in this code at into the promotional field. - WELCUM30OFF - this will knock another 30% off your order.
If your placing a one off box use AFFWSPRING40FF for 40% off
Step Six - Place your order and enjoy all your beauty treats!

£50 Cashback from Top cashback can take up to about 6 weeks to come through, but I've never ever had any problems getting any of my cashback.

If you Subscribe today - you will still be in time to get this months Special edition eco friendly themed box!

If you weren't sure about subscribing for a whole year you can also follow the steps above for  an individual box for just £5!
Winners all round!

Hope this helps :)

E <3

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Make up storage

Okay -
So you've collected all your make up, - endless collections of eye shadows and lipsticks and palettes, but now the big question.
Where do I keep my prized possessions,  after all they deserve a nice pretty home too!
After keeping all cosmetics in Chanel gift boxes (the ones they give you with Christmas purchases) and finding them over flowing, I decided this wouldn't do.
So I set about to find a worthy investment of pretty for my beloved cosmetics and here are my best picks!

Moving away from boxes, I definitely decided I wanted to go with drawers, so most of the options I've picked are for drawers!

Number 1. - Summer Rose Drawers from W H Smith
So I have seen a lot of people over in the facebook swap group I'm in using the drawers from W H Smith, pricing at £10.99 they're a reasonable price and very pretty.
Most commonly I've seen people doubling up the drawers for a larger set. - I think I'd have to do something like that, and it would probably provide quite a lot of storage if you used two sets! So going on the basis that most people are cosmetic addicts I'm going to say we'd all need two sets and price them at £21.98 for a pretty healthy set of cosmetic drawers.

These can be found online here - or in store <3

Number 2 - My Absolute favourites at the moment but it really does depend on your taste, I for one adore shabby chic, so these are just brilliant.

Wider in depth than the W H Smiths drawers and coming in at only £17.50 these wooden beauties are to die for. They're so pretty and unique I'm actually in love with them - 35cm in height they're perfect to stand on any dresser, and the heart detailing is just adorable.
These lovelies come from Pretty and Chic a website I am absolutely head over heels for at the moment, as I'm finding I pretty much want everything they have you can order these online here

Number 3 - A close second to the little beauts from Shabby and chic for me are these gorgeous drawers Abercorn and Co -

For me, these drawers are the smallest of my pics, and I feel like you could only really have one set without it being a bit over the top so at £19.99 although a reasonable price for how gorgeous they are, I'm more tempted to use these on my shelves or something for jewelery ect, these would be perfect if you were just looking for one statement set of drawers.
But they deserve a place in my top picks because they're just incredible!
You can buy them online at

Number 4. - My only drawer alternative

My Only drawer alternative today and the reason it's made it into my top picks is because I'd have this as well as drawers, it's nice and simple and has a mirror! Cuteeeee <3
I chose this as I think whilst having the drawers is cute and keeps everything lovely and tidy, when I'm getting ready I like all my favorite every day things at arms length and this is perfect for that.
At £22 I think it's fairly priced as we're seeing that pretty much all the options are coming in at the £20 mark, a small price to pay for happy cosmetics I think.
You can buy this online at

Number 5 - So now we're back to Pretty and Chic because I couldn't resist these cute Handsel and Gretel esque beauties!
Much like the Abercorn and Co ones, on there own they are much too small, but I think because of the simple finish and the really clean and neat detailing there would be nothing to stop you mixing and matching a set of these with a set from W H Smith in a print! Obviously not stood on top of each other - that might be a bit of a disaster. I guess it just depends on what you like, but they were too adorable to not get a place in my top picks.
At £19.99 they're under £20 and a lovely little buy - you can get them online at Pretty and Chic

And finally for the creative arty ones out there, -

 For £16.99 and a bit of tlc you could buy these drawers from Ikea, as a complete blank canvas and nurture your creativity to create a storage solution perfect for your room. Using paint wallpaper, fabric whatever took your fancy you could really go to town with these!
Also because of the flat nature of the top much like the Smiths ones these could be stacked for larger storage!
If anyone decides to have a go at this I would love to see you share your pictures.

These are available online at Ikea
or in stores - but check the website first to check your store has these in stock.

Happy shopping lovelies,

E -

Benefit B.right Skincare review

Okay so call me a sceptic but when Benefit brought out their skin care range all that time ago, I had my reservations; "It's just another product to add to the line in fancy packaging." I hadn't heard any rave reviews about it, and to be honest it didn't seem to ever really take off the way they wanted it to.

Then last summer maybe August, on one of my usual benefit splurges, they gave me a luxury sample in the cutest little glass pot (may have been slightly won over by the fancy packaging initially) of the total moisture cream.

I used it, thinking why not it's free but you won't trick me into buying this full size.
Well didn't they get me!
I used this every day, before I started my face make up routine, and oh dear it was lovely!
The cream had a gorgeous scent and went on really light, but better still when I put my That Gal primer on over it, the completed look of make up had a lovely bright and glowy finish without making me shiny.
I was smitten.

The luxury sample lasted me a good long time actually, and when I looked into it I thought now that I know you work, and I love you I must have you >.<
 So this little product wormed its way into my every day beauty regime, and I haven't looked back.

But as for the rest of this range, I've never been that excited by it, I like my Chanel Eye make up remover, my Bioderma cleanser and this moistoriser, and other than that I stick to Simple - it does the job it's nice on my skin and it doesn't cost the earth so I've never looked to expand on my skincare regime.

That being said, you know I can't resist a bargain so when I stumbled across this little treasure in cute mini glass bottles who could resist!

At £10 for the whole set with free delivery and mini glass bottles it's a steal. - The total Moisture facial cream in this set is the same as the one I got as my initial luxury sample and it lasted ages so I definitely think this is a bargain to be had.
House of Fraser also had the same set, and it has now sold out so I can't see this being around for long! I've bought two, it's worth it just the product I know I like, and I cannot resist how darn cute it is, or how gorgeous they all smell.

So there you go, once again I eat my words, and confess I am now a Benefit B.right skincare(aholic).
For a £10 starter set I think we can all afford to be one! <3

E <3

Skincare free samples

To compensate for my absence - here are three lovely free skincare samples to brighten up your Sunday! <3

1. A free Decloer facial treatment sample -
easy peasy head over to on facebook - Like their page click free sample, put in your details and voila!

2.  A Skin MD Natural - Ultimate dry skin solution -
go to fill in your details and they'll pop it in the post :)

3. And finally,
go across to this facebook page for clearsil perfectawash for your sample sachet, - you have to like them on facebook select skincare revolution and review and sample!

Have tried and checked all of these myself today so hope they're fine for youu.



Well firstly - I think I have to apologise for my complete neglect this week and total lack of blogging.
Damn life getting in the way!
Have been completely pre occupied inuring myself!
Not fun!
Anyway - I'm back
and I'm promising you some amazing articles this week, on make up storage, animal friendly shampoo, my mystery nail goodie swap, raven cosmetics reviews and make up storage, as well as the occasional freebie.
So I hope this makes up for being a terrible blogger all of last week!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Hair Oil

So I've loved Moroccan Oil for years now, but since I started getting beauty boxes -
I've been able to try other brands like Ojon and Macadamia which are just as lovely.

Anyway right now - Buyapowa are offering a £42.50 Macadamia bundle for £15 plus £1.50 p+p
 If you decide to buy it click my face as a referral please!
You'll have to be quick only about 30 left when I posted this
E <3

Benefit Bargains!

So I absolutely love Benefit
and have just stumbled across this amazing offer.

So here goes,
head over to
pick £40's worth of full price products, or as much as you want!
at the checkout you will then be prompted to pick two samples.
I went for stay don't stray and the porefessional.

Then at the checkout enter a helloflawless shade to pick a travel size hello flawless in your shade for free.

So now you've got your products 2 samples and a travel size amazing foundation.

Because You've spent £40 get yourself free delivery,
and then just to top it off
type FREEPAL in, in the promotions and get a free full size Benefit Pocket Pal!

So to break it down,
2 samples
free full size pocket pal
travel size hello flawless
the products you choose to buy
and free delivery, all for as little as £40!

Bargain!!! <3

Thanks to my lovely friend Maria, I can also add if you type in BADGAL - you can also get a free brown benefit bad gal lash

Models Own Discomix

So, I've only just started investing in lots of nail polishes haven't I but, I actually couldn't resist this glittery beaut from Models Own.

This Models Own polish in Discomix is £5 a bottle, and if you buy them from Boots they're on a 3 for 2 at the moment!

At first I was a bit dissapointed with it it went on quite thin and needed quite a few coats to cover my nail properly, but as it dried it was absolutely amazing. 

So much glitter!
The picture doesn't really do all the different glitter colours in this justice, but it is actually a gorgeous polish, if your patient enough to do several coats.

The effect is similar to a the Nails inc, Connaught Square although connaught goes with a much sleeker finish - but the colour of the Models Own is much more purple and sparkly, but needs a a few top coats to get a nice sleek finish.

 So after my initial unenthusiastic reaction with this, I actually really loved it! - Also, unlike some of the glittery polishes I have this one keeps of really easily.

For a glitter polish

E <3

Foundation freebies

Right, so keeping up with tradition, here are some little offers for some foundation samples!

Loreal - Lumi Magique head over to their facebook for a free sample of the this foundation.

Une - Beauty Skin glow, a free sample of this can be ordered from Boots while stocks last

The last one is for YSL touche eclat, it takes a little more time, but the freebie for this one is, a free YSL makeover at a YSL counter, an entry into a prize draw for goodies, and the chance to enter another prize draw for a trip to London and all sorts of freebies.
So it's definitely worth the little bit of extra time, to do this one just head over to their facebook page too!

I checked all these offers at the time of posting, and they are all subject to availability.

Hope you enjoy!

E <3