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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Top 10 under £10 Beauty Buys

So lately - I've become a bit more thrifty...
A Chanel girl at heart but really these days my salary just cannot stretch that far!
So here are my top 10 buys all at less than £10


10.  Sleek Make up I-Divine pallet in Shadow Storm- 
So this 12 piece eyeshadow pallet is only £6.49 from Superdrugs stores - and it's a lovely essential pallet the colours go on really well and have excellent staying power and it's got all your everyday shadows for neutral and smokey eyes - and with 12 different eye shadows in the pallet that's 55p per shadow!

9. Mememe Pussycat cheek and lip tint - so this is pretty much a spot on dupe for Benetint from Benefit, but at only £5.25 it's nearly £13 cheaper than the Benefit one and just as good! For anyone who's dying to try Benetint I would definitely recommend trying this first as tints aren't for everyone and this is just as lovely for less than a third of the price!
8. Smooch - Peachy duo blush - It's got it's way into my top ten as I am absolutely in love with this - I picked it up in TK Maxx for an amazing £4 - but if you can't find it in a TKMaxx it is available on the Superdrug website for £8.50
The duo effect means you can blend for better colour options and it's just a lovely blush!

 7.Benefit six piece skincare travel set - I know I have already done a blogpost on this here - but it's only £10 - £9 with student discount and I'm absolutely smitten so here it is my number seven.

6. Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph Brow Pencil and Highlighter
I only very recently found this, but a sucker for anything brows I've been pulled in - the highlighter end of this pencil is an absolute dupe for Benefits highbrow and the brow pencil is actually really good, it blends well and has good staying power. So for only £8 who could complain - especially when you think that high brow alone is £14!
 Keep an eye out for Boots 3 for 2's!

5. Illamasqua theater of the nameless Nail varnish - in Vice
My first Illamasqua purchase. Have been interested in trying illamasqua for ages so an asos sale was the perfect excuse - at only £8 with free delivery I couldn't resist this gorgeous purple. It's gone on really nice and hasn't chipped yet so with gorgeous packaging like this and these amazing powerful brights I can see me spending a lot of time in Illamasqua!

4. MUA Pressed powder- 
Have only recently discovered the MUA Range and have to say at a pound a piece it really is amazing value!
It gives a perfect light set to my make up if I use it on the top and is just a generally nice powder. While it's no Chanel it's definitely up there with Rimmel and is therefore great to pop in your handbag especially on nights out - if it gets broken or something I won't begrudge the £1!
You can pick this up in superdrug along with the rest of the MUA range :)

3. No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser
I'm absolutely loving hot cloth cleansers at the moment, they seem to leave your skin feeling better than any other treatment, and I think they feel a bit more luxurious.
I actually prefer this No7 one to a liz earle one I tried a few months ago, and at £10 for a huge 200ml it's great value for money! You can get this in Boots stores, and there are usually great offers such as 3 for 2's! <3

2. Elf Studio Brow Kit -  I have tried and tested many many brow kits, and whilst I absolutely adore my Clarins pro brow kit, it's pretty pricey at £36 - so after trying this I'm actually amazed that it's a close second, and the best part - it costs £3.50.
Can't ask for more than that!

1. Superdrug Vitamin E radiance cream - This 50ml radiance cream, is an absolute dupe of Mac Strobe cream, the only difference - the £2.99 price tag!
The Vitamin E is making my skin feel lovely, and it gives a really nice shimmery base to my make up - at £2.99 it's an absolute steal. High fives to Superdrug!
If you can't get this in store you can always order it online!


  1. Hey! Sorry this has nothing to do with your great post but i have awarded you a blog award on my blog :) Love your blog <3

  2. I love ur blog posts and have enjoyed reading about these products very much. Might be tempted to try some! Thx :)