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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Superdrugs Animal Friendly bargains

So a while back I expressed my shock that after spending years buying free range eggs and responsibly sourced fish and meat, it turns out all my shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel - for the most part has been coming from companies that either test on animals, or use products that have been tested on animals.

My initial search led me to think there weren't many alternatives that would help this - other than the obvious that is The Body Shop -
but for me the Body shop shampoo and conditioner is quite expensive and I don't think it really gives my hair that many benefits, it's purely the nostalgia of the scents...
But then I struck gold.
Turns out the Superdrug own range is all fruity and lovely in sleek simple packaging - usually on offer at two for £1.50 for 300ml bottles or 99p each and it's all vegan friendly - I'd just got addicted to the cherry and fig range, when they discontinued it. :(!

But to my delight they've replaced it with new fruity scents - my favourites are raspberry and macadamia, and coconut and sweet almond <3
Raspberry and Macadamia Nut for colour treated hair smooths and adds intense shine -
This is a new find, its an intensive conditioner to restore dry and damaged hair - I've been using this twice a week since my ombré experience it's definitely helped to revive my hair.

So there you have it - I've found the fruity flavours leave a gorgeous scent that I love as much as I loved Aussie - the great price means I can save a bit of money and support my local superdrug which always makes me feel good - I often feel like with all the cosmetic offers online and everywhere else I feel like I neglect it a bit and it's great to have a great value great product that hasn't harmed any animals and is suitable for vegans.
I may not be vegan but from the massive search to find good quality animal friendly products (this is no easy feat!) 
It must be a nightmare to not spend a fortune as a veggie or vegan

So what are your thoughts?
Have you tried this range, or do you have another favourite animal friendly brand?

E <3

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