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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A journey to Ombré

So a while back I started eyeing up the Ombré trend -

Pennies not being once they once were the thought of spending about £100 having this done in a salon wasn't the option.

A complete home dye rookie, I decided to give it a go.

First I picked up a home highlighting kit from Jerome Russell -
After a strand test and working out how long I wanted to leave the mixture on for I applied it to my whole head.

Once I'd completed this step and rinsed it off - I too was having second thoughts but you have to continue on the process.

I then picked a really light brown dye, as I didn't want to go from dark roots, to complete blonde and thought a lightest brown would be better.
 I used John Frieda light golden brown - as it was on offer for £5 -

Again I applied this all over - followed all the instructions and then dried my hair.

The final step was to apply a dark chocolate brown to the top of my head - I decided I wanted to have my Ombré going lighter from about my ears.

I chose a Live XXL dye in chesnut - this too was on offer for £4

I used a tin of vaseline to edge my face and on my ears as well as on the lengths of my hair I wanted to protect from the dye, just in case of dripping - as vaseline stops the dye from sticking.
I then carefully applied this to the top of my head and along the length to my ears.

This was the most difficult part but I found the vaseline helped and I also used a comb to comb it through the top sections off my hair.

When I had completed all these steps - I rinsed the dye off - for a final Ombré look -

Before -


Have you tried ombré yet, what do you think of the trend?


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