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Monday, 23 April 2012

Nails Inc Leicester Sqaure Review

A trip to the sorting office and I'm surrounded by all new goodies Eeeep!

So following my amazing goodie bags from ravens cosmetics see the reviews from those here.
I was very excited to get two mystery products to review this month -
The first of those was a Nails inc polish in Leicester Sqaure, oh my god it's so pretty!

As I'm collecting Nails Inc polishes, I was very excited about this - my first metallic Nails Inc' what an amazing colour right.

Like all my Nails Inc polishes - it goes on a treat two coats gives a perfect finish and with a top coat it's just immaculate.

It was hard to get the adequate lighting for this but here's a photo anyway!
It really is gorgeous I cannot stop looking at it and the metallic sheen underneath just means that when it's light the colour is constantly changing.

It's the perfect addition to any nail polish collection - especially if you're a Nails Inc lover like me.

I'm going to be hooked on these metallic tones I just know it.

Currently these little beauts are on sale over at Raven Cosmetics for £.7.95 each and if you like them on facebook you get a free nails inc mini too!

Amazingly Raven Cosmetics are still offering 15% off all orders at the moment, and are having a huge nails inc sale!
It's definitely worth a look! <3
If you order one of these I'd definitely recommend a lucky dip as well I still haven't got over how good the value for money was with that, and the lipsticks I got are my new favourites.

So have you had a Raven Cosmetics order yet, or are you just a huge Nails Inc fan, share your thoughts below!

E <3


  1. Oooh this is gorgeous, I neeeeeed!!! x x

  2. I knowww it's gorgeous, and you don't seem to be able to get it on Nails inc anymore!