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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Benefit B.right Skincare review

Okay so call me a sceptic but when Benefit brought out their skin care range all that time ago, I had my reservations; "It's just another product to add to the line in fancy packaging." I hadn't heard any rave reviews about it, and to be honest it didn't seem to ever really take off the way they wanted it to.

Then last summer maybe August, on one of my usual benefit splurges, they gave me a luxury sample in the cutest little glass pot (may have been slightly won over by the fancy packaging initially) of the total moisture cream.

I used it, thinking why not it's free but you won't trick me into buying this full size.
Well didn't they get me!
I used this every day, before I started my face make up routine, and oh dear it was lovely!
The cream had a gorgeous scent and went on really light, but better still when I put my That Gal primer on over it, the completed look of make up had a lovely bright and glowy finish without making me shiny.
I was smitten.

The luxury sample lasted me a good long time actually, and when I looked into it I thought now that I know you work, and I love you I must have you >.<
 So this little product wormed its way into my every day beauty regime, and I haven't looked back.

But as for the rest of this range, I've never been that excited by it, I like my Chanel Eye make up remover, my Bioderma cleanser and this moistoriser, and other than that I stick to Simple - it does the job it's nice on my skin and it doesn't cost the earth so I've never looked to expand on my skincare regime.

That being said, you know I can't resist a bargain so when I stumbled across this little treasure in cute mini glass bottles who could resist!

At £10 for the whole set with free delivery and mini glass bottles it's a steal. - The total Moisture facial cream in this set is the same as the one I got as my initial luxury sample and it lasted ages so I definitely think this is a bargain to be had.
House of Fraser also had the same set, and it has now sold out so I can't see this being around for long! I've bought two, it's worth it just the product I know I like, and I cannot resist how darn cute it is, or how gorgeous they all smell.

So there you go, once again I eat my words, and confess I am now a Benefit B.right skincare(aholic).
For a £10 starter set I think we can all afford to be one! <3

E <3

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