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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nails Inc shoreditch

Okay So I know I'm harping on about Ravencosmetics a bit now so this is the last one I promise!

The last piece of my marvellous order was a bargain I just have to share.-
Being new to the nail polish world, and dreaming of owning my very own nail polish stand I've decided to collect the models own and nails inc round varnishes, because they're borderline affordable totally pretty I love the names and I like the round bottles >.<
Plus Models Own have the nicest smell of any nail polish i've ever sniffed!

So on the Raven facebook page I found this little treasure of an offer pick one of four 10 ml Nails Inc Charmed yourself gift boxed polishes for £4.99 - there was also an offer for 25% off bringing my chosen Nails inc in Shoreditch £3.75! Bargain!

I have wanted Shoreditch for a while and this is someone elses swatch as I'm currently wearing Disco Mix by models own and can't bear to part with it just yet.
So for the obvious reasons above I was very excited to recieve this yesterday and oh my it didn't dissapoint!

It came in a special little presentation box that was britchick themed -
And the charm was absolutely lovely it comes on elastic hooked to the bottle but has a proper clasp so the option is there to use these for everything and they're so pretty!
There's quite a lot of different charms but they're all sort of themed around Britain and royalty - v cute!
I would have bought more of these but from the four colours available on Ravens - this was the only one I didn't already have or want! Will be investigating if I can snap up these beauts elsewhere on the world wide web as they are absolutely gorgeous!

But for £3.75 it's an absolute steal - and you know I cannot resist a bargain! <3

If you're after any of these gorgeous colours though I would suggest Ravens' I'm so impressed it's unreal - this offer is still available here -[200]

Let me know how you get on - if you do buy any of these shades I'd love to here about your creative nails! - I'm thinking shoreditch and glitter tips!

E <3