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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The long overdue Sock Bun curls tutorial

Right so I think I promised you this ages ago - but here goes.

I absolutely love the big gorgeous bouncy high buns that a sock bun makes, unfortunately I just don't have the face to carry all my hair slicked back on the top of my head.

I do however, love love love, gorgeous bouncy full of volume light waves and flicks and curls.

So here we go, now before I get into the step by step guide I can appreciate that we don't all have the same hair.

So - if you have fine/normal medium length hair just making a regular sock bun doughnut will be fine.

For this you will need one thick/ medium thickness sock in a colour similar to that of your hair preferably.
Or you can buy a premade doughnut, although I find these leave your hair with more static. This size sock works perfectly on my hair it's thicker than normal but not really thick compared to some peoples hair.
To make this just cut the end off the sock with scissors and roll the sock up until it creates the doughnut.

If you have longer hair or very thick hair, you might have ruled the sock bun out - but after much trial and error with my gorgeous best friend we have come up with a fool proof plan, the giant sock bun.

Use either several knee high thick socks or one thick leg from a pair of wooly tights and one thick knee high sock.
To do this just make the sock bun as normal, and then roll the extra sock or tights over it until it makes a thicker bun to your desired size something like this -
My lovely chica made this one for her gorgeous thick hair and wait until you see the bun it made!

Okay so now your thinking well I don't have long thick hair, I have fine short hair so I can't do it!
No as the first sock bun use this or even a thinner sock if necessary.
When we get to the actual construction of the bun, for shorter hair you would have to do a much lower bun.

If your hair is naturally very straight I would recommend doing this technique from wet.
However if you have curly hair always do this with dry hair.

So we've made our sock bun, we've prepped out hair.
By prepped I mean straight fine hair or hair that doesn't curl easily is washed and left wet, (depending on what works in your hair you might like to put in some leave in conditioner if it's very long and fine), and all other hair types have washed and dried there hair to it's normal style.
If you hair is frizzy blow it straight enough so that there is no frizz, I always like to use a heat spray beforehand and a shiny serum after.

Now to make the bun, depending on your hair length pick a place for the bun. Remember the higher up the bun the bigger the curls and the bigger the volume. 

Tie your hair in a ponytail, I like to tie mine quite tight but make sure it's comfortable
Now, place the sock bun doughnut over the ponytail like a scrunchie.
Slide the doughnut down until its near the ends of your ponytail
Fan out the ends so you can see them covering the doughnut.
Begin pushing your hair through the doughnut and wrapping it around.
(this can be a bit tricky the first few times, and for sock bun curls it doesn't have to be perfect)
You will see the bun begin to take shape in the ponytail.

continue in this way until you reach the top of your hair pushing the hair up until there are no strands left it should be quite tight by now and the bun should have taken on a great shape.
If you were going to wear it as a sock bun, obviously your hair would be dry and this would be when you would tidy up any strays with a bobby pin ect and any ribbons or anything.

 This was my bun using a regular doughnut - a little bit messy but I was only using it for curls.

This was Jo's -  created beautifully with her giant sock bun doughnut for gorgeous thick hair!

If your looking for sock bun curls the next step is easy peasy - you leave it!
Have a nap, a bath, read a book watch bridget jones- or if you want really defined curls go to bed for the night.

I prefer lots of bounce and volume to actual defined curls, and I think for the time frame you really need to know your own hair.
I would say if you've ever used rollers, your rollers are a good indication for how long you should leave it to get your desired look.

I know for what I like from my hair I need about 6 hours in rollers, so after six hours in my bun these were my sock bun curls.

I absolutely love this look and love how easy it is and unlike my rollers it's just so much less faffing, and it's much softer on my hair than lots of velcros and static! <3

So I hope you enjoyed this post - let me know when you've tried it!
And Special thanks to my lovely Jo Jo for taking lots of pictures for me and letting me share them!
Kisses -
E <3

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