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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rimmel Lucky Dip

Okay so only been blogging for a few days, but one thing I think we should set out is I would never reccomend anything to anyone that I haven't tried! <3

So last week I saw a link on facebook for a site called
On going across to the site I was told like us on facebook for a free nails inc mini score!
I was then given 25% off my order after I spent a tenner - result!

Did the value for money stop there?
There was a then a section of the website dedicated to £5 lucky dips, I decided to do a Rimmel and a Bourjois lucky dip!

Here is my Rimmel one! (Bourjois to follow)

The lipstick was my absolute favourite thing in this and I would have bought it anyway , again with the jelly gloss liner- I love this and would have picked one up in Superdrugs in the next few weeks.
As a member of a group on facebook called Beauty Box swappers, I was easily able to swap the glam eyes as it's lovely but just not for me -  I think in a lucky dip you should expect atleast one thing that's not your style!
I quite like the eyeshadows the one with the little crown is cute but I don't really wear much eyeshadow so will probably try to swap these too.
£30 worth of stuff for a fiver?
I definately got my moneys worth just on the two I liked, and I'll be able to do right by the other items!
I think as well you've got to take into consideration the fun of a lucky dip.

I'll definately be back for more!

Have you had a lucky dip from ravenscosmetics yet?
Share below!!!


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