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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ojon Shampoo review

Okay so being a lover of all things hair oil, I was completely devastated to not receive the Ojon Sample in my Harrods edition Glossybox.
However currently having Macadamia and Moroccan Oil products squirreled away in my bedroom, I couldn't justify buying it, so I sulked.

Until up popped the offer, where on orders over twenty pound the kind people at Ojon would give you a free 250ml conditioner and a 250ml shampoo, worth £37.50.

I'd had the Moroccan Oil shampoo once as a treat and I loved that but other than that I'm just an Aussie girl really.
It does it all for me, shiny feathery hair that smells amazing and candy like, it's always on offer in the Supermarket which is usually where I remember I need Shampoo (otherwise I'm in the shower cursing.) and just as a brand it has all those nice connotations of gorgeous floaty surfer girl chic hair. Which is what we all want really, that whole I've just woke up and my hair looks like THIS, thing.

But this was free! So I plumped for the Restorative Oil my heart had been yearning for, snaffled free delivery and got £38 worth of very expensive shampoo free.

It came pretty quickly - but while I was waiting, that lovely Macadamia duo came up on buyapowa, and well it looked like it deserved a place on the bathroom ledge in Casa de Johno (the house that never leaves a beauty product out in the cold), so I'll be doing a review on that soon too - heads up it smells beautiful!

So after using the Ojon for a solid week;
Here's the verdict.

Ojon voluminous shampoo and conditioner
1. - The scent - The Ojon range all has a very distinct smell I neither like, nor dislike it, which I guess has to mean I don't really like it, but not in an it's offensive way, but the way the scent of Aussie and Moroccan Oil makes me almost hungry it's that delicious - you're not going to find that here.
The smell = fine

2. The result - at first I couldn't really tell the difference at all, my mamabear who swears by Herbal essence volume fruit fusions used it for about a week two and for both of us I genuinely haven't seen a difference at all.
My hair is still nice and shiny, and voluminous, but it was with standard shampoos that don't cost £18, but it has maintained this so in that sense it's done what it says.
The Promise = Delivers but no exceptional difference from standard brands to this

3. The Lather - I've found with the Ojon it doesn't seem to Lather the same way cheaper shampoo's do - this is apparently a feature of cheaper shampoos, whilst it doesn't lather it does still leave hair lovely and clean, maybe I'm just cheap, but I get a lot more satisfaction from washing my hair when it all foams up beautifully!
The Lather = Typical of an expensive shampoo.

4. Presentation - The bottles were nice big skinny tall bottles and the shampoo has been easy enough to use, but I'm at the top of the bottles soon, I can imagine that as they're not pumps or squeezy upside down bottles and the plastic is quite hard you're going to really struggle as you get to the final third of the bottle.
Presentation = Nice enough perhaps not the most well thought out if you're going to get every drop of your £18's worth out of the bottle.

5. Overall Impressiveness - So I asked around a bit too, and both the mamabear and I have both used this now, and I guess the verdict would have to be that - as a free gift, it's lovely the chance to try something I wouldn't normally splash out on , but even as a free gift I'm pretty much underwhelmed by this, so if I'd spent £36 on this I would be 100% dissatisfied, it's nice enough and does the job but so do lots of your standard drugstore brands like Herbal Essences.
Marks Out of Ten = 5/10

So there you go, that's my review on the Ojon shampoo and conditioner, have you tried it ?
Leave your thoughts below!

E <3

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