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Friday, 6 April 2012

Yankee candle Summer scents review

Okay so I have a confession – I didn’t really understand the Yankee hype if I’m honest.
Potentially I may have been quoted in the past even saying it’s extortion who would pay £15 for a candle, but it just goes to show the difference a sample can make; because oh yes I’ve seen the light – no pun intended.
I’ve always liked candles, but being a Yankee sceptic for sometime, and watching this craze unfold before my eyes – when they offered me the chance to try six Yankee tea lights in summer scents for just the postage cost of £1.99 – well I couldn’t refuse.

The postman who seems to do his entire job begrudgingly delivered them to me last week, and I have been addicted ever since.

The tea light scents were –
Pink Dragon fruit
Loves me, loves me not - a daisy inspired scent
Sicilian Lemon
Wild Passion fruit
Fruit fusion - a fruity summer blend of citrus and berries.

So on first sniff - I pretty much dismissed the lemon and the daisy ones.
I tend to find lemon fragrances reminiscent of toilet bleach and kitchen cleaner, and for me the daisy one smelt overly perfumed.

Pink dragon fruit and Wild passion fruit were my instant favourites and I lit the passion fruit one straight away.
Whilst it had smelt really lovely - I didn't really feel that it filled the room but I think that's because of it's tiny size a big jar would definitely give a room a lovely smell.

Based on my experience with the passion fruit scent when it came to the  dragon fruit scent, this time lit it in the bathroom a much smaller room and the smell was divine. 

Well after initially dismissing the Lemon, we decided to give it a go lighting it in the kitchen, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Not my favourite by a long stretch but we use a lot of candle air freshners in the kitchen and I would definitely consider using another lemon as it worked really nicely and wasn't as lemony as it had initially smelt.

For me Loves me, Loves me not had smelt very cottony and perfumed, I was skeptical as this just isn't my kind of scent, but my mom absolutely loves this, it was her favourite of the pack and she was less keen on the fruity scents so as a sample pack I think it works well to have scents of a variety; and if the more floral/pure fragrances are what you enjoy it would probably be really lovely, it does leave like a really nice clean smell I'll give it that!

Fruit Fusion - It didn't really live up to the name it was fruity but not very strong at all, I think it's a nice fragrance but compared to the other fruity scents we received this wouldn't be the one I'd choose to invest my hard earned pennies in a full size version of. 

So now the bit that had always really sniped at me - Value for money?

Well for this sample pack - definitely they were free and had I not tried these for free I'd have never dreamed of spending ten pounds on a pretty candle.
So I will definitely be using the current offer to subscribe to the £3 sample packs for Autumn and Christmas.
Here is the link 

And as for the full sized product - now I've tried them - and I'm absolutely addicted to the Passion Fruit - I'm going to get a full sized jar enclosed with my samples was a 15% discount and because the jars are lovely and the scents really are beautiful I think it's a worthy investment.

I'm also keeping an eye on BrandAlley as they always get big Yankee sales!

So I hope this was useful, for anyone who missed the samples but wanted to know, and also to let everyone know about the new offer for Autumn Winter!



  1. hellooooo there ;) following and looking forwards to more posts! xoxo

  2. Aw tempted for the Autumn & Christmas Sample set, not sure if I will be living in the same place though... how long have you been waiting for the Summer sample set??
    Great post Elle!! xx

  3. i ordered the summer set quite late in the game and waited about three weeks but the autumn winter sets wont be released for a while i don't think!
    Chloe have them posted to my address and I can forward them on! <3