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Friday, 6 April 2012

Animal testing

Now, I'm not a vegetarian - and this isn't a debate on being a vegetarian. For the most part I think becoming a vegetarian is commendable as long as you're not a martyr about it; and I would love to be a vegetarian and be all noble and animal saving, but I'm not I love chicken - and while Lions eat Wilder beast I will eat chicken.

This aside I still struggle with the idea that animals are suffering for my "can't live without you" products and I always thought I was quite "on the ball" when it came to picking ethical cosmetics; but perusing the PETA site today I'm shocked to learn cosmetics aside just how many everyday products are tested on animals.
Now this isn't like a judgy blog post I know for a fact I have products that have been tested on animals, and from now on I will be endeavoring to find better alternatives and will do a feature blog post once a month.
The main point of this for me today is just that, I've focused all my not tested on animals energy into cosmetics and in the process have overlooked really easy peasy changes like shampoo, and air freshener?

So I'm trying to become more aware of small changes I can make to help stop Animal testing, not just on cosmetics but on everything else we use; I think it's about time the responsibility of this was laid more evenly across every company who's involved and not just on Loreal?

I'm not naive I know it's not an overnight thing and I understand that in some cases it is seen as the lesser evil but for me if there's a suitable alternative cruelty free product out there, I'd like to give it a go.

The PETA website offers a really handy free guide on cruelty free shopping - I've ordered mine

but feel free to leave your comments below on the companies to use and the ones to avoid, also feel free to leave requests for product reviews or types or products you'd like to see and hear more about alternative options on!

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  1. cutecosmetics is a good one.
    They tell you which item is vegan or cruelty-free on their website.
    hope it helps :)