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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Make up storage

Okay -
So you've collected all your make up, - endless collections of eye shadows and lipsticks and palettes, but now the big question.
Where do I keep my prized possessions,  after all they deserve a nice pretty home too!
After keeping all cosmetics in Chanel gift boxes (the ones they give you with Christmas purchases) and finding them over flowing, I decided this wouldn't do.
So I set about to find a worthy investment of pretty for my beloved cosmetics and here are my best picks!

Moving away from boxes, I definitely decided I wanted to go with drawers, so most of the options I've picked are for drawers!

Number 1. - Summer Rose Drawers from W H Smith
So I have seen a lot of people over in the facebook swap group I'm in using the drawers from W H Smith, pricing at £10.99 they're a reasonable price and very pretty.
Most commonly I've seen people doubling up the drawers for a larger set. - I think I'd have to do something like that, and it would probably provide quite a lot of storage if you used two sets! So going on the basis that most people are cosmetic addicts I'm going to say we'd all need two sets and price them at £21.98 for a pretty healthy set of cosmetic drawers.

These can be found online here - or in store <3

Number 2 - My Absolute favourites at the moment but it really does depend on your taste, I for one adore shabby chic, so these are just brilliant.

Wider in depth than the W H Smiths drawers and coming in at only £17.50 these wooden beauties are to die for. They're so pretty and unique I'm actually in love with them - 35cm in height they're perfect to stand on any dresser, and the heart detailing is just adorable.
These lovelies come from Pretty and Chic a website I am absolutely head over heels for at the moment, as I'm finding I pretty much want everything they have you can order these online here

Number 3 - A close second to the little beauts from Shabby and chic for me are these gorgeous drawers Abercorn and Co -

For me, these drawers are the smallest of my pics, and I feel like you could only really have one set without it being a bit over the top so at £19.99 although a reasonable price for how gorgeous they are, I'm more tempted to use these on my shelves or something for jewelery ect, these would be perfect if you were just looking for one statement set of drawers.
But they deserve a place in my top picks because they're just incredible!
You can buy them online at

Number 4. - My only drawer alternative

My Only drawer alternative today and the reason it's made it into my top picks is because I'd have this as well as drawers, it's nice and simple and has a mirror! Cuteeeee <3
I chose this as I think whilst having the drawers is cute and keeps everything lovely and tidy, when I'm getting ready I like all my favorite every day things at arms length and this is perfect for that.
At £22 I think it's fairly priced as we're seeing that pretty much all the options are coming in at the £20 mark, a small price to pay for happy cosmetics I think.
You can buy this online at

Number 5 - So now we're back to Pretty and Chic because I couldn't resist these cute Handsel and Gretel esque beauties!
Much like the Abercorn and Co ones, on there own they are much too small, but I think because of the simple finish and the really clean and neat detailing there would be nothing to stop you mixing and matching a set of these with a set from W H Smith in a print! Obviously not stood on top of each other - that might be a bit of a disaster. I guess it just depends on what you like, but they were too adorable to not get a place in my top picks.
At £19.99 they're under £20 and a lovely little buy - you can get them online at Pretty and Chic

And finally for the creative arty ones out there, -

 For £16.99 and a bit of tlc you could buy these drawers from Ikea, as a complete blank canvas and nurture your creativity to create a storage solution perfect for your room. Using paint wallpaper, fabric whatever took your fancy you could really go to town with these!
Also because of the flat nature of the top much like the Smiths ones these could be stacked for larger storage!
If anyone decides to have a go at this I would love to see you share your pictures.

These are available online at Ikea
or in stores - but check the website first to check your store has these in stock.

Happy shopping lovelies,

E -


  1. Nice! I've got IKEA ones i got ages ago in the bathroom with masks etc in them. Must pick up some more for my make up. Love the shabby chic ones though x

  2. the shabby chic ones are fab aren't they!