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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bourjois Lucky dip.

Now, before I discovered the holy grail that is premium beauty, back in my teens I was a Bourjois girl.
And with only my christmas birthday and paper round money back then Bourjois was a big deal!
I may have become an enlightened Chanel girl, but upon discovering that Bourjois and Chanel are actually owned and made by the same company my love of the two all made sence and became relatative.
You can actually tell if you look at the items like the chanel eyeshadows and the old style blushes, and compare to the Bourjois Little pots of blush and little round eyeshadows.

So imagine my delight when perusing through the ravencosmetics website and I find a five pound Bourjois lucky dip.

So here goes my lucky dip -
A lovely brille lipstick in vanille du soleil it smells amazing - die hard lipstick fanatic that I am I adore this.
Next was an absolutely gorgeous Blue Mysterieux so laque nail laquer, it's beautiful and I thought the colour would be a navy but it's slightly different and one hundred percent matches my little sleeveless chiffon pussybow blouse from river island so I am very excited for this spring ensemble.
Number 3 - A mascara liner effect in blue. - Initially I was very unexcited by this, but watching the coloured eyelash trend unearth again for Spring/Summer 2012 I'm thinking I might give it a try! I wouldn't have bought this in a shop, but I like to try things like this so a good quality experimental product from a £5 lucky dip is perfect!
Product number 4! - Bourjois of Paris Eyeshadow, Suivez mon Regard~ Regards Ambre. I reallly like this cute little cream shadow and think it would make for lovely highlighting and shading, on statement eyes!
I don't really like cream eyeshadows though so I'm going to swap this!
And finally - A little bourjois eyeshadow pallete in cream and olive, I really love this but actually already have it so I'm going to try and swap this too. It's really nice for shading and I use it quite a lot for daytime looks!


So again more than £30 worth of stuff for £5.
Again I didn't like everything but it's a lucky dip! Come onnnn?
And the things I liked retail at more than £5 so I'm a happy Easter bunny! 

Share your lucky dip experiences below.

And don't forget to like ravencosmetics on facebook for a free nails inc mini with your first order - mine came in emperors gate it's lovelyyyyyy and you know how much I enjoy a good freebie! <3

Kisses -
E <3

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