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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Save the Planet and the Pennies!

Okay so every few months I'm hoping to share some - beauty related money saving recycling tips -

Here are this months 3!

The first one is pretty well known - but being a Chanel girl, it's new to me and I think it's fantastic.
Mac operate a scheme called Back to Mac -
Basically as you finish your Mac products you save the empty containers, and for every six you have you can take them back to Mac for a free lipstick.

How brilliant is that, they get recycled and you get a free lipstick for something you would have just put in the bin? You can even do it online - Back to Mac

2. Also quite well known but actually have spoken to quite a lot of Thierry Mugler lovers who had absolutely no idea about this.
Thierry Mugler operate a fill at the source option on all of their regular fragrances providing when you buy the bottle it is refillable.

This means you save the bottle, (requires a little more effort to keep the bottle lovely (less of the rattling around in my handbag I think) but as a reward they give you a massively reduced price on the fragrance and you get to be warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that you saved a tree or a polar bear or something! <3

3. Refills.
This may seem absolutely obvious, but in actual fact it's not something lots of people do!
Often on premium beauty, your products that come in pallets can just be refilled instead of buying a whole new pallet.
For example, my all time must cannot live without you beauty buy is my Chanel Matte Lumiere Powder in contour, it's absolutely beautiful and I love it but it comes in at £36 a pallet and I don't exactly use it sparingly!
 Coming in at £36 from Boots it's definitely not a budget buy, but as I've said I one hundred percent need this in my life at all times. <3
So to know I could save £10 a time buying a refill is pretty darn good, it's not like you're ever going to get a genuine Chanel bargain so this is definately a winner for me, I try and keep one pallet lovely and tidy for maybe three goes and then get a new one, this means I end up buying a new one maybe twice a year? Which has got to be better for planet no?
It's quite easy to keep these tidy though they do come with the cutest velvet pouches! <3

So there you go - three nifty little tips to save some pennies and polar bears, and maybe even the odd tree...

Got anymore, share below! <3



  1. lush also do a 5-pot = free face mask offer x

  2. thanks for the tips! I've used the Lush freebie offer before x

  3. waiting for my mac blusher to go, then i'm definitely back to mac! xoxo

  4. thats great! will include that next month :D