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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sock Bun.

Having a bit of a rubbishy day today - and other than consuming my own body weight in chocolate and eating ritz crackers I have been mostly unproductive.
Therefor have given myself a kick up the bum and now have a plan of action for tomorrow!

I'm noticing my long time companion the sock bun is finally getting it's well deserved recognition, I personally can't bear tying my hair up as I get headaches and I'm too much of a fusspot and like to play with it -

So how do I use it?
The sock bun has been my saviour on many a "I've overslept and I'm going to miss the bus" mornings.
How you ask?
Sock Bun curls.

On weekends I love nothing better than parading around the house in rollers for hours on end before a big night out, and have tried on many occasion to sleep in them on a Sunday night for a polished monday morning look, but alas it's virtually impossible to sleep with a full head of rollers without causing a neck injury - tried and tested my friends, tried and tested....

So the basic gist of it is that you prep your hair do a sock bun and go to sleep -what could be easier than that.

Well if you can't do a sock bun so watch this space guys I'll have a tutorial for you before you've even dented your Easter Eggs tomorrow!

E <3

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