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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ecobox from Glossybox review

So it feels like it's been the longest month - since there was a beauty box out, and the hype around this months Glossybox has been building, after being somewhat disappointed in my Harrods box I was having reservations about my subscriptions but found some amazing offers on the box and decided it was worth another try - see the offers here.

So when my boxes came today I was so so excited to open them - (I subscribed to two) one was significantly heavier than the other, and this is what the heavier box contained.

When I got it it did look this pretty -
the packaging is all recyclable and bio degradable it's gorgeous will be making glossybox drawers so stay tuned for a tutorial.

Unfortunately in my excitement by the time I took a photo it looked like this

But it did look like the above picture first! - Honest :)

So what did I get?

Again it was presented a lot better than this - but to tell the truth I'm not sure how they crammed all these full size goodies in and kept it so pretty!

I got -
Caudalie thirst quenching serum - 10 ml sample - it's in really generous packaging though to make for easy application.
At first I thought it was a little runny but I spoke to Glossybox and that's just because of transit. I gave it a shake and let it return to room temperature and it's actually really nice and silky.

I really like this, and it's great that it's an eco friendly product - I've heard a lot of raving about Caudalie but at £29 full size there's no way I'd have handed over that much money without trying it first. - We'll see how I get on with this!

Next I got a Figs and Rouge Cherry and Vanilla Lipbalm - I've never tried this brand before - but I like organic eco friendly products and the packaging is gorgeous.

Initially it was really soft and a little bit gritty it says it's a balm for lips body and face, but after applying a bit to my hand it seems a little greasy on my skin.
When I used it on my lips though, it took a little while to settle but it left them really lovely and soft, and wasn't heavily synthetic with the cherry smell!
This retails for less than £4 anyway so it's definitely one to keep in your handbag - a fullsize product though I'm happy.

Third in my box was this gorgeous lipliner -
 I only have one other eyeliner from Inika so was really excited to see their products in my box this month - this shade is safari and it's a gorgeous daytime lipliner. Unlike some natural lip liners it doesn't have a dry consistency it's nice and creamy and I think it will smudge well.

 I did a swatch and started smudging it so you  could see, also this was a few hours ago, and I have since done cleaning ect and it's still on my hand - tough as nails!
Very happy about this - I got my box for £5 with cashback and this is worth £11.75! Another Full size product - oh Glossybox you're spoiling meeee.

Number 4 - Ohmigosh number four - Ayuuri body wash in rose and jasmine
I cannot stop smelling this - it's gorgeous - a lovely fresh and creamy romantic smelling weekend shower gel.
I love it - it's nice and creamy so should moistorise well. The smell is just divine, and at 30ml shy of full size I'm very happy.
Have a feeling as this is less than £5 full size I will be investing once I run out - how I wish you had smellivision on your screen right now - it is utterly divine.

And finally as we know all things Glossy come in 5's! I got Yes Nurse hand cream

 Packaging was so so cute, very Indie but I love this styling for ecofriendly goodies, it was a really nice touch! Another full size product which I'd been looking up anyway so was over the moon with this.

It didn't really have all that much of a scent which is sometimes better, I think I put a bit on straight away and I thought it was going to be quite greasy at first but it soaked into my skin straight away, and they have been so so smooth all day - I really love this, and I will be popping it in my handbag as it's a perfect 50ml size.

Also this has Oscars seal of approval for lovely soft hands, and who can argue with that face!

So there you go 3 full size products one that's worth more than I paid for the whole box, cannot complain - the box is gorgeous will be posting a tutorial on glossybox drawers and I think I'm going to use everything in it.

What more could a girl want.
So there you have it if you want to get your hand on this box for less than £2 click here.

Kisses -
E <3

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